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Beside document translation services, Dilpark may also provide accurate interpreting services through its contracted interpreters for your simultanous translation, consecutive translation and whispered translation needs in conferences, meetings etc.

Types of Oral Translation We Provide:

Simultaneous interpretation - This is real-time oral translation in which interpreter conveys the commuciation in target language almost at the same time it is spoken in the source language. This type of interpreting is most often performed during press or trade conferences from a booth using a headset and microphone.

Consecutive interpretation – In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter sits or stands beside speaker and waits until speaker finishes speaking. During speech, interpreter may take notes and then relays the interpreted content.

Whispered interpretation - In this type of interpretation, interpreter accompanies a maximum of 2 people and listens to the speaker in the source language and interprets speaking softly. Whispered interpretation is usually performed during business meetings or official meetings with only a few participants.

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